The Aspect of Creative Web Page Design

For creating a distinct identity, the designers have to look into different aspects of a web page. Along with the header, footer, page background colors and fonts, they have to take care of the columns created in it, images and videos uploaded with it, the respective look of competitive websites. Sometimes, the look depends on the CSS used on it, the works of Photoshop, the creativity applied on it, etc.

Now, most of the web designing experts and analysts think that the junk design is not appreciated by the users. They prefer mostly of simple images and designs conveying the idea of the website. The findings of the items that the visitor wants to get are the prime target of the website. It is more important than others to set right things on the right item so that the user swims through the same stream that you direct, and they will not understand that the flow of stream has redirected to the will of the website owner. A design should be user-friendly, useful, and straightforward, at a glance definable about the aim of the site, and the user redirection should be authentic and meaningful.

Some creative design aspect should be kept in mind while designing a website, they are:

•    The entire page decoration
•    The position of primary call to action, its color and linked page
•    The number of elements on the page
•    The image weights used on the page
•    The use of image links
•    The user of white space used on the background position
•    The blank space above the fold
•    The advertisement allowance above the fold, etc.

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